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Savannah River Mission Completion Funds Aiken Technical College Radiological Protection Training Equipment

AIKEN, S.C. (March 6, 2024) — Savannah River Mission Completion (SRMC) recently provided funding to purchase training equipment for Aiken Technical College’s (Aiken Tech) Radiation Protection Technology (RPT) program.

 Savannah River Mission Completion visits Aiken Tech’s Radiation Protection Lab to understand how the equipment purchased with the SRMC donation will be utilized to train students. From left, Aiken Tech Dean of Technical and Continuing Education Dr. Steve Simmons; Aiken Tech Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs Chad Crumbaker; SRMC Training & Emergency Management Manager Charles Lampley; SRMC Chief Operations Officer Wyatt Clark; Aiken Tech President Dr. Forest Mahan; and Aiken Tech Foundation Director Dr. Beth LaClair.

SRMC, the Liquid Waste contractor at the Savannah River Site (SRS), donated $6,500 to Aiken Tech to purchase essential low-dose radiation sources, including barium, cadmium, europium, sodium, and thallium disks. The funds provided by SRMC will enhance Aiken Tech’s Radiation Protection Lab, where students undergo practical training to measure and detect levels of radiation.


The newly acquired radiation sources will not only enrich the educational experience for students but also contribute to the advancement of their skills in radiation protection.


SRMC Chief Operations Officer Wyatt Clark visited Aiken Tech to get a closer look at the equipment.


“Our partnership continues to be mutually beneficial as SRMC helps prepare more Aiken Tech students to enter the workforce by giving them hands-on experience working with radiation protection materials,” Clark said. “Employees at SRS handling radiological materials undergo significant training to ensure that they perform their jobs safely to accomplish our mission. Radioactive Protection Technology students are prospective SRS employees, and their training starts now.”


Aiken Tech President Dr. Forest Mahan was on hand for the tour.


“We value our alliance with SRMC and its commitment to Aiken Tech,” Mahan said. “The investment provides needed funding for training students on equipment used in the nuclear industry right here where they live. The partnership supports both of our missions to provide opportunities for educational and workforce development.”


SRMC comprises parent company BWX Technologies, Inc. with partners Amentum and Fluor. Its team brings the capabilities necessary to accelerate cleanup at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Savannah River Site through safe nuclear operations, optimized and integrated mission execution, and strong corporate governance.


Aiken Technical College is a two-year comprehensive college in Graniteville, SC. Founded in 1972, the College provides educational and workforce development opportunities through academic programs, continuing education, and corporate training services. Visit for more information.


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