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Savannah River Mission Completion Donates $4,000 to Public Education Partners for Teacher Grants

AIKEN, S.C. (September 27, 2023) — Savannah River Mission Completion (SRMC) awarded $4,000 in grants to Public Education Partners (PEP) to fund Aiken County Public School District teachers for science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM)-related activities.

Eight teachers will receive $500 each for the purchase of classroom supplies to advance STEM learning.

PEP is a non-profit organization working to identify opportunities to enhance technology available for STEM teachers to foster the creativity, teamwork, self-motivation, and goal-setting that underlie success in STEM careers.

PEP board member and SRMC’s Director of Defense Waste Processing Facility Operations Ken Wells is a strong supporter of PEP’s mission and has served on the board since 2019.

“Public Education Partners is instrumental in forging partnership opportunities with the private sector and public schools to advance STEM programs for students who are excited about participating in those activities and in pursuing STEM career paths,” Wells said. “SRMC is always seeking to employ bright, talented students with STEM backgrounds, and those students perform well on the job.”

SRMC comprises parent company BWX Technologies, Inc. with partners Amentum and Fluor. Its team brings the capabilities necessary to accelerate cleanup at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Savannah River Site through safe nuclear operations, optimized and integrated mission execution, and strong corporate governance.

Savannah River Mission Completion donates $4,000 to Public Education Partners for teacher grants. SRMC Director of Defense Waste Processing Facility Operations and PEP board member Ken Wells (left) presents the check to Public Education Partners of Aiken County Board Chair Nancy Marks.


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