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Savannah River Mission Completion Awards 17 Family Scholarships

AIKEN, S.C. (April 11, 2023) — Savannah River Mission Completion (SRMC), the Savannah River Site liquid waste contractor, has awarded 17 college scholarships to students who are children of SRMC employees.

Each of these high school seniors received a $4,000 scholarship. The winning applications were selected based on an essay submission, grade point average, and leadership and scholarship achievement. SRMC recognized the awardees at its annual family scholarship awards banquet on March 29.

SRMC awarded scholarships to 15 students attending four-year institutions. This year, SRMC expanded its scholarship program to award students planning to attend technical college. Two students were awarded technical school scholarships.

Dr. Dave Olson, SRMC President and Program Manager, said SRMC is proud to continue the important tradition of supporting educational endeavors of the younger generation, especially those within the SRMC family.

“Exceptional academic accomplishments are significant in the educational process of these young people, and SRMC is honored to be a small part of these students’ journeys,” Olson said. “The Family Scholarship Program is a great way to give back to our employees and show support of their families outside of work.”

The winners of the 2023 SRMC Family Scholarship Program are:

  • Jessica Barela (Robert and Katie Barela)

  • Jackson Bauer (Joseph and Dr. Laura Bauer)

  • Kaitlyn R. Bauer (Joseph and Dr. Laura Bauer)

  • Sophia Coleman (Jim and Shirley Coleman)

  • Anna Doster (Thomas and Erika Doster)

  • Audrey Eubanks (Leo and Holly Eubanks)

  • Brianna Gray (Lucky and Jennifer Gray)

  • Hayden Horton (Casey and Christa Horton)

  • Abigail Kerr (Brad and April Kerr)

  • Ava Meyer (Foy and Heather Meyer)

  • Connor Occhipinti (John and Shauna Occhipinti)

  • Ethan Occhipinti (John and Shauna Occhipinti)

  • Patrick J. Rowan (Paul and Celina Rowan)

  • Holly Stolzenbach (Jeff and Wendy Stolzenbach)

  • Abby Wells (Tony and Leigh Wells)

  • Trinity Winningham (Kevin and Janice Winningham)

  • Madison Winters (Jennifer Winters and Russell Chandler)

SRMC comprises parent company BWX Technologies, Inc. with partners Amentum and Fluor. Its team brings the capabilities necessary to accelerate cleanup at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Savannah River Site through safe nuclear operations, optimized and integrated mission execution, and strong corporate governance.

Savannah River Mission Completion awarded 17 Family Scholarships to children of SRMC employees. From left, SRMC President and Program Manager Dr. Dave Olson, Chief of Staff Larry Ling, Madison Winters, Sophia Coleman, Trinity Winningham, Abby Wells, Jessica Barela, Ava Meyer, Brianna Gray, Holly Stolzenbach, Audrey Eubanks, Anna Doster, Hayden Horton, Abigail Kerr, Chief Operations Officer Wyatt Clark, and Chief Administrative Officer Mark Barth (not pictured: Jackson Bauer, Kaitlyn Bauer, Connor Occhipinti, Ethan Occhipinti, and Patrick Rowan).


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