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SRMC EEO & Diversity

Welcome to the EEO & Diversity Department


Savannah River Mission Completion, LLC is committed to equal employment opportunity to employees and qualified applicants regardless of their race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, physical or mental disability, veteran status, status as a parent, sexual orientation, or genetics. Our equal employment opportunity policies encompasses all aspects of the employment relationship, including application and hiring, promotion and transfer, selection for training opportunities, wage and salary administration.

Assistance or accommodation during the application process or while employed at SRMC, LLC is available upon request. We are pleased to provide such assistance. For assistance with the application process, For assistance with the application process, contact Gayl Hoel at 803-208-8191. If you need an accommodation or if you believe you have been discriminated against during the application process, contact Stephanie Franklin at No applicant or employee will be retaliated against as a result of his or her request.

This office is responsible for the development and implementation of programs that encourage and support both affirmative employment and diversity and ensure compliance with Federal and State EEO law requirements within SRMC.

Our objectives are to:


  • Provide a full and fair opportunity for all employees and applicants, regardless of race, religion, gender, color, age, disability, national origin, genetic information and sexual orientation,

  • Enable all employees to carry out their duties in the workplace free from unlawful discriminatory treatment, including sexual and other workplace harassment and retaliation for engaging in legally protected activities; and

  • Educate and promote mutual respect and equal opportunity in the workplace for all in order to meet the challenges in accomplishing the SRMC mission.


If you have any questions about any of the programs listed, please call 803-208-2594.

Remember: Any employee who feels they have been subjected to discrimination or harassment must contact the SRMC EEO & Diversity Office within 45 CALENDAR DAYS of the alleged discrimination to preserve their rights under the law. You can reach the EEO & Diversity Office by dialing the SRR 24-Hour Hotline 803-952-4384.

Stephanie Franklin, EEO, ECP & Diversity Compliance Manager


SRMC thanks our exemplary employees for the quality work they do every day, giving it their best, and adhering to SRMC core values.

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